The Sunday Post – October 22nd


Welcome to The Sunday Post, which is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This is a chance to recap the previous week and announce anything for the upcoming week. You can talk about whatever you want in this post as well.

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Arrow Review #73 – The Fifth Doll

The Fifth Doll by Charlie N. Holmberg

Rating: 1/5 Stars DNF
Series: Standalone
Length: 252 Pages
Purchase: [Amazon] | [Barnes & Noble]
Matrona lives in an isolated village, where her life is centered on pleasing her parents. She’s diligent in her chores and has agreed to marry a man of their choosing. But a visit to Slava, the local tradesman, threatens to upend her entire life.

Entering his empty house, Matrona discovers a strange collection of painted nesting dolls—one for every villager. Fascinated, she can’t resist the urge to open the doll with her father’s face. But when her father begins acting strangely, she realizes Slava’s dolls are much more than they seem.

When he learns what she’s done, Slava seizes the opportunity to give Matrona stewardship over the dolls—whether she wants it or not. Forced to open one of her own dolls every three days, she falls deeper into the grim power of Slava’s creations. But nothing can prepare her for the profound secret hiding inside the fifth doll.

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Can’t-Wait Wednesday – October 18th


Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings. The aim of the post is to select a book, usually upcoming, that you can’t wait to read and discuss it.

My selection this week is Unearthed by Amie Kaufman.

Unearthed is a story about another planet that may have technology and advancements that Earth may needs in order to thrive in the future. This also has to deal with another form of species that has become extinct and now everyone has to decode information and puzzles for their secrets and avoid any possible traps. I have read an ARC for a similar story, but this one seems to have a different style and overall story. The ARC I read was fun to read, but it could have been better. I’m very interested in this story and see how plays out.

Halloween Creatures Book Tag!


Happy Halloween!

It’s finally close enough to Halloween and I had an idea! I wanted to create a book tag or meme for some time. When I looked around, I have noticed a “Monster Mash” book tag, but I did not find a book tag dedicated to the iconic Halloween Creatures. Therefore, I took it upon myself to create one! Let’s begin the book tag! I will also be doing the book tag myself to give an example.

*Follow the Categories
*You Must Be Honest
*You Must Answer All Questions to the Best of Your Ability
*You Must Tag At Least 3 People
*Have Fun!
*Credit Would be Greatly Appreciated!

A Book or Character that is Magical.
The Witch and Wizard series is magical. It deals with siblings who find out they have magical abilities when their parents are captured in a dystopian where almost everything is banned.

A Book or Character You Can’t Wrap Your Mind Around.
A Court of Thorns and Roses. I could never understand what was going on with the story. It was so confusing for me that I had stop and DNF the book. It was the only way I could keep myself sane.

A Book, Series, or Author You Can’t Live Without.
Lisa McMann! She’s my favorite author and whenever is new book is coming out, I am sure to pre-order. I have loved all her books so far!

A Book Best Reading at the Middle of the Night.
I would say either Bird Box, a world that seeing could cause you go blind, or Anna Dressed in Blood, a series about a boy Ghost Hunter that is surprisingly spared from a murderous ghost. Bird Box was absolutely thrilling and Anna Dressed in Blood was one of the best series I have ever read.

A Book You Picked Up for the 2nd Time or Continued after DNFing it.
I have never reread a book, although I plan to when I stop buying books (which is never…). However, I can say Passenger. I originally DNF’d it, then picked up again in order to see if I missed anything good.

A Character You Saw Right Through or a Book You Easily Predicted a Twist or the Ending.
Although I’d hate to list this book, but Dead to You by Lisa McMann. The story involves a boy who was missing for 9 years. I did enjoy the story, but I did get a feeling how the story was going to end with a twist involved. As I got the end, I turned out I was right. This however, was not bad for me!

A Book that Truly Shocked You.
A book that truly shocked me was Warcross. Towards the end, a twist came that truly shocked me. Some may of said it was expected, but I was lead far away from it. I was not expecting it. It was a change of character, and truly changed the story completely.

A Book or Character that Chilled You to the Bone or got your Funny Bone.
(Expressions meaning being scared, or finding something really funny.)
In this section for Skeleton, I’ll be choosing something funny. I would have to choose Apollo from The Trials of Apollo. Apollo is one of the most funny characters I have ever seen. I think I have laughed more in this book than in other book I have read.

A Book that Left You Hungry or a Recipe You Want to Try from a Book.
Butterbeer! Yes, that Butterbeer from Harry Potter! It seems that I can’t think of any other book that made me hungry or a recipe I wanted to try from a story. The only thing I could think of is Butterbeer. I will try it one day!

A Greedy Character or a Character that Loves Gold and Jewelry.
I may be wrong on the Gold and Jewelry part, but I am listing Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles for this. It always felt that she was very greedy for power and the title and has done imaginable things for it. One her reign was threatened, she became very greedy to stand her ground, trying many things to get what she wants. Although, I do very believe that Queen Levana would absolutely love Jewelry due to her character.

A Dark, Evil Character.
Dani from Mermaids of Eriana Kwai. Anyone that has read the series knows what I am talk about it. She has done imaginable things and always gave off bad, evil vibes. She always seemed like a bad character.

Grim Reaper
A Character You Loved or Hated that Died
Rue from The Hunger Games. The one character that I cried on the inside. It was probably expected due to the nature of the game, but when it happened, it was so sad. There are many other characters I could list, but Rue will always be on top.

A Book or Character that Scares You.
Recently, Katharine from One Dark Throne scared me. Ever since her character changed, it was scary how she did everything and how ruthless she became. I would not even want to be in the same room as her.

The Monster Mash
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Lauren @ Northern Plunder
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Cat @ Catshelf
Emily @ Tea with Mermaids
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Arrow Review #72 – The Haunting Season

The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto

Rating: 3/5 Stars
Series: Standalone
Length: 296 Pages
Purchase: [Amazon] | [Barnes & Noble]
Be careful what you let in…

Siler House has stood silent beneath Savannah’s moss-draped oaks for decades. Notoriously haunted, it has remained empty until college-bound Jess Perry and three of her peers gather to take part in a month-long study on the paranormal. Jess, who talks to ghosts, quickly bonds with her fellow test subjects. One is a girl possessed. Another just wants to forget. The third is a guy who really knows how to turn up the August heat, not to mention Jess’s heart rate…when he’s not resurrecting the dead.

The study soon turns into something far more sinister when they discover that Siler House and the dark forces within are determined to keep them forever. In order to escape, Jess and the others will have to open themselves up to the true horror of Siler House and channel the very evil that has welcomed them all

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October Book Haul!


It’s time for another book haul! First, I want to say that this is more of a combined book haul for this month, and late September. Anyhow, let’s continue with book haul with a picture!


During this time of year, it’s usually the time I get all my pre-orders in. As you can see, Warcross, Three Dark Crowns, and Predator vs Prey, were all pre-orders. Warcross and Three Dark Crowns came out late September and I even got a special signed edition. Along with a signed edition of Three Dark Crowns, it also came with a bonus chapter!

Predator V Prey was released early October and I have yet to read it. I’ll be finally able to start in the next few days. I am so excited since its another book from Lisa McMann. Although it is a MG book, I’ll still read anything from McMann.

The Rose Society and The Midnight Star completes the series of The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I have enjoyed the series so much that I immediately purchased the last two books. I cannot wait to experience her worlds one more time.