Arrow Review #59 – The Last Star

The Last Star by Rick Yancey

Rating: 3/5 Stars
Series: The 5th Wave, #3
Length: 338 Pages
Purchase: [Amazon] | [Barnes & Noble]
The enemy is Other. The enemy is us.

They’re down here, they’re up there, they’re nowhere. They want the Earth, they want us to have it. They came to wipe us out, they came to save us.

But beneath these riddles lies one truth: Cassie has been betrayed. So has Ringer. Zombie. Nugget. And all 7.5 billion people who used to live on our planet. Betrayed first by the Others, and now by ourselves.

In these last days, Earth’s remaining survivors will need to decide what’s more important: saving themselves…or saving what makes us human.


I am not sure what to say other than ask what in the world happened. I remember when I was read the first book and I was so hesitant because I did not know if I was going to like the book or not. However, I did and I knew I had to keep reading. When I read the second book, I was disappointed at first but grew to enjoy it by the end. All it took was getting some used to. That never happened in this book. I do not think there was ever one time where I sat there and thought to myself that I really needed to keep reading. I did finish it although it was never exciting as it was in the first book.

I have seen some reviews and have come across some spoilers. Spoilers or not, it is about how the points are brought up and how the story got there sometimes. In this story, it really did not bring anything anywhere and was somewhat confusing. There was even times where I questioned if this was the same story or not. It just seems like author tried the “You think you know everything? WRONG” twist or something and it was just not executed well in my thoughts. Everything just seemed different. I get twists, you need them. However, this twist was just out there and didn’t even make sense. Some of the characters were different as well and I just couldn’t help think how they even got to the point where they are now. They were fine in the second book, but I guess something happened between books like an untold story on how they changed.

I do not think I ever read a series with an ending that just seem so out of place. I don’t even know what happened other than I wished that I could have enjoyed and maybe if the story was different overall where it makes total sense. It just like frustration got in the way to the point it was just passed in to be relieved of it. I just wished this could have gone much better.


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