How I Organize My GoodReads Shelves

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Did you know you can organize your GoodReads shelves and even create custom ones? It’s true. Although I believe that a lot of people may already know of this feature. I thought I could share how I organize my GoodReads Shelves.

First, if you’re reading this and asking “What? How can I make one?” It is actually quite simple. Simply go to your “My Books” page and click “Add a Shelf” underneath or Bookshelves section on the left side. You’ll simply create a new bookshelf that you can add books into to make it more organize. Now, you can also make shelves “exclusive.” For example, the shelves of “read,” “to-read.” and “currently-reading” or exclusive shelves. A single book can only be on a single exclusive shelves. I call these my “Book-Status” shelves and I’ll show you why. First, here are what my shelves look like:

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.59.52 AM

Shelves are immediately broken into two sections as you can see. The above section are my exclusive shelves, or my “Book Status” shelves. The lower section are my regular bookshelves where a single book can be in all of them if needed.

As you can see, along with the regular exclusive shelves, I have a dnf, interested-maybe, loss-of-interest, not-even-touching, and a the-waiting-shelf. All these shelves represents the current status of any books that I have read or waiting to read (that darn TBR pile!). Of course, dnf means Did Not Finish. This shelf is self-explanatory where books go if I did not finish some of the books I have tried to read. As you can see, all of my exclusive shelves are pretty much shelf-explanatory. There is a shelve for books that I am slightly interested, books that I am no longer interested in, books I refuse to read, and a special shelf called “The-Waiting-Shelf.” This shelf means that I have the book ready to read and that I just haven’t got to the book just yet. (Again, that darn TBR pile!)

In the lower section of my regular shelves, some of them are self-explanatory like arcs (Advanced Reader Copies), ebooks, and favorites. There are a few shelves where can be a little vague but have their own purposes for me. If there are any books that I need to buy or pre-order, they go onto my books-to-buy-physical shelf. There was one point where I fell behind on series because GoodReads did not have the book added just yet and I completely forgot about it. So when there’s a series I want to be and the next book isn’t available, I add the book I already read into the continue-not-added shelf.

The only shelf left that you are probably asking about is nbb. What in the world could nab stand for? It stands for needs-book-bub. BookBub is a site that I use that alerts me on sales for ebooks that I want to read. I can get completely disorganized when it comes to BookBub. I will either forget to add an alert of any given book or there will be times where BookBub does not have an upcoming book added to its system just yet. This shelf helps to remind me that I need to add or remove an alert when needed depending on the status of any book.

I personally add shelves as I go on (when I am in need of a new shelf) and I have seen people with shelves twice as much as I do and even more. There’s nothing wrong with being to organized. Being organized is a good thing, but only set shelves to your organization and for you needs. It is your shelves and you know what you need. What do you think of shelves on GoodReads, and are your shelves organized with any custom shelves? How many shelves do you have?


5 thoughts on “How I Organize My GoodReads Shelves

  1. I have SO many shelves on Goodreads! I have one shelf that is just for ARCs, then another for ARCs to read and yet one for ARCs to review.
    I have one TBR shelf (which is for books I either own, or that I have on pre-order, or that I know I’ll get because it’s by a favorite author), I have a wishlist, a ‘might read one day’ a ‘tbl’ which means to be listened to, and more.
    I also have shelves based on release year for new releases, as I host a yearly challenge called the New Release Challenge.
    Since I get eARCs more often now, I have shelves for the publishers I get ARCs from, and I also have genre shelves. Plus, sub-genre shelves. Plus original language shelves, as even if I prefer to read in English, I sometimes read in French, Norwegian, or Swedish, too.
    I have shelves based on age groups, (YA, NA, Children’s books, and adult) as well as shelves that specify narration point of view, or if the main character is female or male…
    There are more, I think I have three pages of shelves over there. And most of those shelves only mean something to me 🙂
    Great post, Anthony!


  2. Awesome post! I’m pretty organised with my shelves too.. after I started reading more a couple of years ago I just had to be. I have six “status” shelves (the three regular ones plus a dnf, an unreleased and a new series tbr) and then I have 14 other shelves. I’ve seen people with over 100 shelves and I don’t know how I’d ever stay on top of that! But it obviously works out for some.


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