Book Buying Habits


Everyone has a habit when it comes to buying books. Could it be pre-ordering and waiting for them to come out? Ordering online and waiting for it come in the mail? Or could it even be walking into the bookstore and buying them in person? No matter what kind of reader everyone is, everyone has a book buying habit.

When it comes to think what my book buying habits are, I immediately think about ways to save. I usually check out current book deals to see whats on sale and hope theres a book I’m interested in reading. I usually check GoodReads Deals and BookBub. (Note: These are only available for ebooks!) GoodReads Deals and Bookbub are both ways that you can be alerted when a book is on sale while offering other books.

When you sign up for both GoodReads Deals and Bookbub, you can select which genres you are interested in so both sites won’t send you books on sale that you may not be interested in. (If you want to get into GoodReads Deals, go to your account settings then select Deals.) You can even select books you want to be alerted on on BookBub. When said book is on sale, you’ll get an email notification. (On GoodReads, you have the option to have alerts based on your Want to Read shelf.) These has proven to be great ways to get books for my Kindle and now I have too many.

If I choose to buy an actual book, I’ll be buying the book in either of three ways. First, I’ll Pre-Order any book that is yet released and is a big want of mine. I would have to really want it in order to pre-order it. It could also be a sequel to any book that I already have on my bookshelf.

Second, I would order the book off of Amazon. I’ll usually try to go through sellers on used books, or new if the deal is right. I usually check for very good and like new conditions. I will not buy anything less of a condition, although I have made that mistake a few times.

Third, if I am in the mood to go out shopping, I’ll either stop at a Barnes and Noble to look around or go to a local used book store. I have found good deals and many interesting books this way. I find that when visiting the bookstores, it is a good way to find new books to read. I never know what the stores will have for books, especially the used bookstore.

My book buying habits always seem to be surrounding money and ways to save (pre-order saves money to!). Either way, I’m always finding books that are good and fun to read. It’s also very fun to walk into a bookstore and seeing what they have! What are your book buying habits? Are they any different than mine? Do you know any other way to save money on books?


3 thoughts on “Book Buying Habits

  1. I buy most of my books at my favorite bookstore, because they have a card where you can save for a book which leads up to 40 euros. And otherwise I get them of Bookdepository or when they are on sale online.

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