24/7 – Books that Always on My Mind


Every reader always has a book that makes an impact that leaves readers thinking, sometimes for forever. Some books may be more obvious than others, while some could be shocking. Which books that are always on my mind?
Credit to Kristina @ Books and Dachshunds for the idea!

Harry Potter

Could it been more obvious? Harry Potter is everywhere and is always on everyone’s mind. (Ok, not exactly everyone, but you get the gist.) I have a collection of Harry Potter Funko Pops that I see almost everyday, even with the books I have. I’m always looking for more to collect as well. There’s even the new Fantastic Beasts movies that will be here for years to come. Needlessly to say, do I need to mention the commercials for Universal featuring Dragon Ally?

The Unwanteds

The Unwanteds series by Lisa McMann is one of my favorite series ever. (You heard me say this enough already and you’ll hear my say it again.) The original series has been completed and the sequel series already have two books out and more coming out in upcoming years. I can tell these books will be a topic of mine for next couple of years at least. I just love all the creativity that has been put into the series.

Books Written by Marie Lu

Last year, I read all of Marie Lu’s book and became obsessed. If anyone’s looking for any book recommendation, these books are the first I shoot out immediately. I pretty much shove the books into their attention.

(In a more gently, friendlier way of course.)
Marie Lu’s books are simply amazing and that’s all. I believe everyone should give her books a read. Remember, I ask you kindly, not fiercely (like the gif).

What books are always on your mind? What books are your go-to recommendations or discussion topics? Tell us!


3 thoughts on “24/7 – Books that Always on My Mind

  1. Harry Potter is definitely on the list! But I also recommend The Passage series by Justin Cronin and Queen of the Tearling series by Erika Johansen. think I have go-to books specific for every genre that I will automatically recommend to people if they ask me, so it makes it tough for me to come up with just a few that are always on my mind! Great post!

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