Harry Potter Anniversary Week! – Day 7!

If you can imagine it, today is the last day for the Harry Potter Anniversary Week! However, we are always celebrating Harry Potter and I don’t think we will ever stop celebrating it everyday. On the last and final day of this event, everyone is writing out a “Thank You” to whoever they want. Whether it’s J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, or whoever else.

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I guess you can say a Thank You can go to many people just for everything. The first Thank You has to go to the one who started it all and created the world we all come to love, J.K. Rowling. Imagine a world with no Harry Potter. It’s impossible. That is how much Harry Potter has grown into this world. It is everywhere, always talked about. I say Riddikulus instead of Ridiculous, but no one ever catches it. One day someone will. Harry Potter has created a big community that everyone is always welcomed to. The Community itself deserves the next Thank You. There is someone who will “Always” be there in this community. It always feel like a whole. There’s always a sense of magic as well. It is just complete and ever growing. There are countless Thank You’s to give out to everyone to creating everything and making what Harry Potter is today. Everyone had their part in way or another for making the community the way it is. There is no one we could have done it without to making it a home for us all. So to everyone, Thank You.

Image result for JK Rowling Hogwarts Home gif
Image result for JK Rowling Hogwarts Home gif

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