KRF’s 1st Blogiversary!

πŸŽ‰Β It’s KRF’s 1st Blogiversary!Β πŸŽ‰

I am so proud that it has finally been a year. Did you know this the first time I had a blog reach this milestone? There were two previous attempts, but both blogs never worked out the way I planned and both blogs never reached a full year. As promised, I spent the last month making changes to the blog. Onto the celebration!

New Design!

If you haven’t noticed by now with the new header and background, KRF now has a better and new design and logo! I wanted something new and more original. I originally wanted something more closely to other styles I have seen, usually with watercolor. It was also important that I stay with arrows as well. The arrows were staying either way. Instead, one thing lead to another and it evolved into a completely new style. I kind of get a retro vibe but with a modern flair from it. If you noticed my new profile picture over at GoodReads, it actually “hinted” at the new background! Along with the new logo and background, all my post headers got a new design as well!

The new post headers look super cool, right? Discussion Post has been renamed to Thoughts & Discussions and there’s a brand new header for Award Nominations as I felt Book Tag! was not the proper header for those kind of posts.
Some sources are credited to FreePik.

I’m on Twitter!Β Wait, What?

That’s right! I’m on Twitter! Can you believe it? I’ve been wanting to go on Twitter for some time, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I’ve had some support from a few groups saying I should go for it, but I still wasn’t sure. Since KRF has been around for a year now, I figured “Why not?” and went for it. I’ve been on Twitter for about a week now, silently liking posts and following people. Here’s the link!


Since I’m new to Twitter and all, send me some tips! If you follow me, I’ll follow you right back! Suggest other bloggers, authors, bookish people for me to be on the lookout for and follow as well! I want to be apart of the community here as well and I hope I can have a warm welcome!

A New Review Type Has Appeared!

Starting on Monday, and following every Monday after that, reviews for Graphic Novels/Comics will be posted. Since I’ve been blogging under KRF, one of the many things I noticed in the community is that Graphic Novels and Comics are often reviewed as well and I started to develop some sort of interest in reading and reviewing them as well. I tried with one and ended up enjoying it. Next thing I knew, I have 8 reviews lined up all the way through September. Hopefully I can find some more to review and I hope you enjoy these new reviews as well! (I apologize if they’re not proper reviews, I’m learning.)

What Else has Changed?

Here’s a list!
Updated Main Menu
Updated About the Blog Page
UpdatedΒ Story Behind the NameΒ Post
Updated Review Request Page
Added Policy and Disclaimer Page
New Bookish Posts Ta
New Bookish Discords Tab
& and few minor fixes!

As you can see, a lot of time and effort was spent in the blog in July and I’m glad I can finally announce it all today, the blog’s 1st blogiversary. This feels like a huge milestone for me as I never reached 1 year before. When I first started Keep Reading Forward, I said that this was going to be the one, the one that stays. I’m finally proud to have a blog that I have always wanted since I first started.

Stay tuned for more celebratory posts!



22 thoughts on “KRF’s 1st Blogiversary!

  1. Woohoo congrats !! the new look looks amazing !

    Ahh I see, I saw your twitter appear the other day and actually thought “wait, I wasnt following him already ?” *followed*. I see why now, as you actually didn’t had it before ! ahaha I totally skipped that !


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