August 2018 Recap


August is finally over and September is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Autumn. I think it is time for some cooler weather. The heat this month has been way to much. Anyways, let’s take a recap for what happened during this hot month.


 Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan Bad Girls by Alex de Campi Louca - Volume 1 - Kickoff by Bruno Dequier
Super Chill by Adam Ellis
Xena by Meredith Finch Open Earth by Sarah Mirk Ruin of Stars by Linsey Miller

I dedicated the month to getting through ARC’s and it ended up being what some call ARC August. I had no idea ARC August was a thing, but I’m glad that I did it anyways. I only managed to read two novels. I wanted to finished a third, but I was unable to do so. On the brighter side, I continued reading more graphic novels and it has been interesting. Overall, I think its been a good month, despite some changes.


Good News! I have finally completed my goal of 51 books! Since I surpassed my original came, it now unlocks the “Match & Beat” goal. The next goal is to reach 74 books, the same number I have read last year.

I am now at 52/74 Books and 17,570/23,000 Pages so far. That is a difference of 7 books and 1,465 pages from last month. Steady Progress.

Since all of the books I have read this month were not qualified for the Beat the Backlist Challenge, the total stays at 23 books.

Onto the next month!



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