Graphic Novel Review #6 – Herakles, Book 1

Herakles, Book 1 by Édouard Cour
Rating: 3 Stars
Series: Herakles, #1
Length: 156 Pages
Purchase: [Amazon] | [Barnes & Noble]

ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. 

Author Edouard Cour revisits one of the greatest Greek myths by painting the often-heroic Herakles as, well . . . somewhat of a jerk. Crude and stubborn at times, in little glimpses we meet a man—half-human, after all—with a psychology more complex than he appears, entangled in guilt over the ghosts who have haunted him since childhood. A mournful sadness seizes him as he crosses the fleeting silhouettes of a woman and her three children.  “Friends or foe, all those who cross his path end up stiff and worm food,” ​​comments Linos, the ghost of his childhood music teacher. Brimming with pathos and dark humor, this portrait of Herakles is a graphic whirlwind leaving little respite and often revealing beautiful surprises.  This first volume introduces us to the titular hero as he tackles a number of his earlier tasks, revealing the seeds of uncertainty and the drive for respect that will ultimately define him.

As everyone knows, I am a big fan of Greek Mythology. I may not be a total genius or expert on Greek Mythology, but I have always enjoyed reading and learning about the myths. I knew that I was going to be immediately interested when I came across this graphic novel.

It retold the story of the Hercules and the labors he had to that were given to him. Instead of the all mighty hero everyone knows, the stories has him being a big jerk not having a single care in the world about the consequences of his actions. There were a few more added bonus that drove the story. There could have been some improvements to the story, but it wasn’t boring or anything. It just needed a little bit something added. Overall, it was an interesting retelling that I would like to keep reading. As the other volumes gets translated, I would not mind continuing at all.

Although I only began reading and reviewing graphic novels, that art style in this graphic novel was not what I expected it to be. However, it worked for the story. Cour somehow manages to create a different style that somehow works for an old myth tale and makes it feel relevant. I was rather impressed by the style.

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