The TBR Jar


One thing that I should have known when I received my Kindle Fire as a Christmas gift was that I was going to read a lot of good books on the device. I knew I would have to be careful because the Kindle could hold so many books and I was already paying attention eBook sales. I have heard the countless tales of having too many books and/or eBooks, more than anyone could count. I told myself that there was no way that was going to be me. I aimed to keep track of the books I have bought and made sure to read the books as soon as possible. However, this is no longer the case. I now have one of those TBR piles everyone talks about. If you opened up my Kindle, you would noticed that I have over thirty books waiting to be read. I should also you remind you to count the one or two books I have sitting on my bookshelf that I have not read yet. I have now joined the elite club of having too many unread books. What was I going to do now?

As more books, both new and old, came to my attention, some books were left behind in the dark; just waiting their turn. Every once in a while, I tried going back and selecting a book that has been in the pile the longest, but some other book was always chosen instead. I had two things to figure out; how could I get through all of these books in the TBR pile, while also figuring out which ones to read? I knew I also wanted to do this fairly as I did not want to feel I was forcing myself to read a book just because it was in the pile for a long time. Then one day, my questions were answered in the form of a small update on GoodReads.

One day, as I was going through the updates on GoodReads feed, there was a status from someone I follow who was showing off their brand new TBR Jar. As I studied the picture, I knew this was my answer. I had to make a TBR Jar. I have never done anything like this before, but I knew I could do it. I did not have any good jars at home nor any paper to use to make the pieces in which I would use to have the names of the books written on. I also knew the kind of jar that I would want would be a mason jar. I tried Amazon, but I feared I would order a jar to big or to small. I checked stores, but nothing grabbed my attention. I wanted something simple, not to big, and somewhat interesting. After checking everywhere I thought of, I have found nothing. I knew making a TBR jar would be simple to make, but why was it hard to gather the pieces? There was only one place I could seek help, and that was Twitter.

There was many suggestions that I could have followed, but I went to the only place I knew that could provide everything I was looking for, Michaels. As I walked in, I immediately walked straight in as if I had a mission. In reality, I had idea where the mason jars were. I would find the mason jars at some point or the jars would find me. After I finally found the jars, I was happy to find the only mason jar that seemed interesting to me was only 97 cents on clearance. Obviously, going to Michaels was the right call. Since I also knew that I needed paper, I looked around to see if there was any available. I did not want anything simple. The least I would accept was different colored papers. Instead, I found a whole isle of paper that was patterned and designed. Seriously, people who suggested Michaels are geniuses. There were so many options to choose from that I kept taking and putting back pieces of paper. The papers were only 79 cents a sheet and I needed only a few of them, so I went crazy. At the end, I selected four pieces of paper that were on the same color palette but were suitable for the style I had in mind.


First was the arrows, the main element in the design of my blog and something very important to me. Second, I had to choose the dog patterned paper. I believe the dogs on the paper are dachshunds. Even though I do not have a dachshund, I do have a beagle mix that almost looks like one of the dogs on the paper. Anyways, dogs are cool and I was getting the paper one way or another. Third, there was a paper that looked like a page out of a book and of course, I was going to grab one of those. After all, this is a TBR Jar we are talking about! Lastly, I felt like I needed a fourth and final paper, to keep thing even. Since all the papers I already had were mostly white and brown, and some black, I went with a grey sheet of paper that had white polka dots. It is simple, and it works. I finally have everything I needed!

It took me a while to begin making the TBR Jar and go through the process of cutting and writing, but I finally have it done. As I watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I ended up folding the pieces of papers I made into triangles to add a nice touch and dropped them all into the jar one by one. At last, I finally have my TBR Jar.


I gave the jar a nice shake to randomize the pickings and set it on my bookshelf. I set a mental rule that each book that I receive and is not on my “immediately to read” shelf, I would quickly write the name of the book on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar with a nice shake afterwards. I was already in the middle of one book and I knew which book I would read next, so I have not yet picked a book from the jar, but it does look nice to have. When I do finally pick a book from the jar, I will definitely let everyone know.

Would you like to have a TBR Jar? Have you ever made one? Let me know in the comments below!



11 thoughts on “The TBR Jar

  1. I tried this once before, but it didn’t really work for me. I think I want to try it again. It was good for making me pick up books I didn’t even know I had on my Goodreads shelf or my actual shelf. I hope it works out well for you!

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  2. This is such a fun idea! I love that you used the different papers. As a chronic crafter (LOL) Michaels is like a second home to me, but I can imagine what it must be like to walk in there if you’ve never been before! It must be such a feast for the eyes and imagination haha! I may have to try this for when I can’t decide what to read next.


    1. I believe I have been in Michaels before, but it many, many years, and this location was a first time for me. I did see a few things that would have been cool to do, but I was only there for a sole purpose xD.

      I had to use different papers because I felt like using only one would be to boring.


  3. I love the idea of this, but my TBR is just not that big so I can’t justify doing it for myself! Maybe I’ll find another project that requires a jar and randomized selection process. I love your use of the patterned paper; it’s much more creative than pieces of notebook paper folded into different-sized squares ^_^

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