Blogoween – Sign Up Post!


You Know About the Event, You Know About the Prompts.
Do You Even Know What I Am Doing?

Even as a host, I still need to have a Sign Up Post to explain what I will be doing for the event! As you may already know, I am kicking off the event on October 1st with the first of three prompts, which is book tag. I plan on participating for three of my days as host and continue as a Level 1 Participant. I do not plan on doing on 31 days and I know I will be doing more than Level 2, which is the last week of the month. I may do a few more or a few less than 13, but 13 posts is where my focus is for the entire month.

See you next week with the start of the events! Remember to check HERE for the first prompts and share with #Blogoween!

18 thoughts on “Blogoween – Sign Up Post!

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