Favorite Halloween/Autumn Colored Covers!


Welcome to the 2nd Day of Blogoween! I have decided that my second prompt for this event is going to be just showing off your favorite Halloween and Autumn colored covers. In this prompt, you can gather your favorite covers with Halloween and Autumn colors. Colors acceptable are Orange, Black, Yellow, Red, and Brown. You can use books from your bookshelf, or even images provided online and share in a post. If you use your own books, you can take a photo and share with a post. Props are optional and completely encouraged. All photos created for this prompt can even be shared on Instragram and Twitter with #Blogoween!
As I looked at which books I should put together, I decided to go mostly Halloween with orange and black. I did throw some red in in the mix to make my “vision” somewhat even. I threw together what I had that could that was also related to Halloween, which was mostly some of my Funko Pops. I tried to get the Hocus Pocus Pops, but sadly I could not find them in time.

I went with some of my favorite reads and series in an alternating pattern. Although I have chosen one book per series to be featured, I had to use all the books in the Three Dark Crowns series for their black covers. I also understand the prompt was for covers, but I never really took good photos of multiple covers at once. Instead I opted to do a picture of the books stacked and focused on the spins.

What are your favorite Halloween and Autumn colored covers? Share your favorite covers on Twitter or even share a picture on Instagram! Either way, make sure you share with #blogoween!

24 thoughts on “Favorite Halloween/Autumn Colored Covers!

  1. Well I thought “oh that’s an easy prompt!” Then realized I don’ t have many books in orange or even yellow!


  2. Awesome photo 😀 I really love Heartless and Illuminae is on my TBR. Thanks for creating all the interesting prompts!! This is the first prompt that I did for the Blogoween:


      1. I had to order them at the stores since its a Spirit Halloween exclusive. Since I ordered them at the store, I got free shipping and used a code for 20% off which ended up saving me like $15 in the long run somehow..

        Downside… I may not get them until November…


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