Trick or Treat!


Trick or Treat! 

It is now my third and final day of my turn hosting Blogoween. This has been so much fun and I hope everyone had a blast doing the first few prompts I have made for this spectacular event. I loved making them and doing them for myself. Now that it is my last day hosting, I do have one final prompt to share. As you already probably know, it has to do with Trick or Treating! Even though Halloween isn’t until the end of the month, who says we can’t do it now? If you need a reminder, here is the prompt in which I shared a couple weeks ago:

Trick or Treat!
Everyone gets to go Trick or Treating again, but now it is now completely book related! Who is in your Trick or Treating group? Where would you like to go Trick or Treating? What places would have the best treats? What did you dress up as? It is a full moon tonight, and the possibilities are endless! How bookish does your spooky night really end up?
Immediately, I think of the best place to go Trick or Treating would probably be in the Wizarding World. I would love to visit Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and maybe even Diagon Alley. Everyone already knows that Halloween in Hogwarts is already cool. I would also love to attend the Halloween Feast as well. If for any reason, I rather not go to Hogwarts for Halloween (which would totally be a lie), I would also like to jump into the world of Caraval. Caraval does have some dangers, but imagine the possibilities the game would have for Halloween night. It would be endless and even magical. Would it be as magical as Hogwarts? Probably not. Caraval would be a top contender although.

Now, who would be in my group? Since I would be going to Hogwarts without a doubt, I would need someone from the Wizarding World to guide me. Otherwise, I’d just run off and who knows what could happen. In that reason, I would have Hermione in my group. Since I’d have Hermione in my group, I would also have Harry Potter in as well if he wanted to join us. I’m not sure about Ron, but I suppose he could come along. I would just hope he wouldn’t eat all the candy, treats, and delicious food on us. I would also probably take Luna Lovegood with me as well. Perhaps Luna could provide some interesting Halloween facts and theories to keep the night fun. If I really could, I would have everyone from Hogwarts be in my group.
BOWD1If I ended up in the world of Caraval, I would also need to guidance as well. Unlike Hogwarts, I would probably fail epically somehow. In order for me to stay alive and conscious, I’d bring Tella and Legend. Legend is the creator of the game, so hopefully he would know what would be going on with his game and hopefully create a fun night without any dangers. Tella seems to be a fun person to be around and would bring joy to the night. I don’t think there would ever be a boring Halloween without her. I wouldn’t have Scarlett in the group because of her experience in the game. She probably would want to stay away for the night if possible. but Tella would probably drag her into the group anyways.

Now, as for characters unrelated to the Wizard World and Caraval, I would have the Mortiz sisters, Alex, Lula, and Rose, from the Brooklyn Brujas series. I would have to be cautious as trouble seems to follow them somehow. Hopefully, trouble doesn’t follow into other worlds. The three sisters would add even more magic into a great night. At this point, I now have to many magical characters coming with me and I need to balance it out. I need some non-magical characters as well. I would take Cress & Carswell Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles, Mateo & Rufus from They Both Die at the End, and Kady, Ezra, Hanna, Nik, and Ella from The Illuminae Files. I haven’t read Obsidio yet, so I can’t verify for Asha and Rhys yet. I do feel that once I read Obsidio, they would be welcomed to join.

At the end, I am visiting two different worlds, the Wizarding World at Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley, and the game of Caraval. I have Hermione, Harry Potter, Ron, Luna Lovegood, Tella, Legend, Scarlett, Alex, Lula, Rose, Cress, Carswell, Mateo, Rufus, Kady, Ezra, Hanna, Nik, and Ella in my Trick or Treating group. I did not mean to have a group of 20, but it definitely seems it is going to be a great night of Trick or Treating (and possibly partying at this rate). As much as I would try to avoid trouble for the night as well, trouble is definitely following. Well, nothing like a crazy night for Halloween!

Tell us, where would you go for Trick or Treating and who would you bring? Are you going to have a small group, or a big group? Go crazy with your answers! Remember to link back to this post and share with #blogoween!

(Yes, Hogwarts is going to be a popular answer. Hogwarts is totally free to use for everyone. Who would dare prevent everyone from going to Hogwarts?)

13 thoughts on “Trick or Treat!

  1. That Halloween Feast though 😍😍😍 Luna would always win Best Dressed 😁 I’d definitely just go with a small group (mostly because I’ll forget people and then I’ll wonder off). The Chocolate Factory – yes please 😂

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  2. Though I would prefer a small group, I think in terms of choosing bookish people coming along 20 was rather tame! Hogwarts was also a fabulous choice, the feast and treats from Hogsmeade would be to die for! Such a fun post, I enjoyed reading your answers!


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