Best Paranormal Movies

BLOGOWEENPLOGO2It’s the 13th Day of Blogoween! If you have signed up for Level One and have participated on all of the days so far, congratulations, you have completed the level! If not, there is still plenty of time left to focus on more post. This is only my 8th entry, and all my posts I am doing are scattered throughout the entire month.

Today, Lauren has another prompt out at Northern Plunder where she discusses the movies she has seen during her 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days challenge. As I do not really watch horror movies, I decided to use today’s prompt to discuss my all-time favorite horror-related franchise: The Conjuring!
Have no clue what The Conjuring franchise is? Why don’t I let Annabelle give you an idea of what the movie franchise is?
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Yep, exactly that. Mysterious, Spooky, and definitely Paranormal. As a reminder, in the original movie, a family move into a new farmhouse where one of the daughters finds a boarded up entrance to the cellar. Soon, paranormal events occur caused by the spirit of a vengeful witch. Trouble ensues and Ed and Lorraine steps in to investigate and clear the land of the witch’s curse. Annabelle makes a few brief appearances, but is pretty much the face of the entire franchise, having two spin-offs dedicated to her.

When The Conjuring first became available for streaming, I believe I watched it numerous time because I thought it was really good for a movie that dealt with the paranormal. I was an instant fan. I enjoyed the history in the movie behind the paranormal events, what caused it, and what was needed to end the events. There is always something about that that catches my attention. I was even more excited to watch The Conjuring 2 about a different case, but it was so much better than I thought it would be. There is currently a third installment in the works.
Along with the original movies, spin-offs has also been released. There are currently two based on Annabelle, Annabelle & Annabelle: Creation. While Annabelle was a good start on the spin-offs, Annabelle: Creation has been the better spin-off so far as it deals with the origins of Annabelle, and connecting all the movies together. Along with The Conjuring, Annabelle has a third movie in the works. I told you she was the face of the of the franchise.

During the past month, another spin-off, The Nun was released and I have yet to see it but I am totally planning on watching it sooner or later. It seems good, and different. There is even a Crooked Man spinoff in the works after his brief appearance in The Conjuring 2.
There is just something about the entire franchise that I just love so much. Perhaps it is due the stories being told is more of a paranormal type than pure horror. I never watched horror movies until The Conjuring came along because I have been watching paranormal TV shows. I never liked the action, suspense, and whatever else horror movies had. These films are different and are way more interesting to watch. Everything is so developed, it has layers to the stories. I do jump from time to time, but I can easily manage it.

Have you ever watched any of The Conjuring Universe films? Do you plan to or do you plan on completely avoiding these films? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you’re answering to Lauren’s post today, remember to link back to her post and share on Twitter with #blogoween! See you next time!


One thought on “Best Paranormal Movies

  1. Ouhhh nice post !

    I have watched the two conjuring, aswell as the Nun; though i’d love for me and Alex to have a movie night watching them all back to back in order. the ending of the nun kinda left me puzzled and id need to go rewatch the first conjuring to get it I think (Isn’t it supposed to come first?)


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