Top 5 Bookish Costumes


Every Halloween, people are choosing to dress up as bookish characters instead of traditional costumes. This is the topic for today’s Blogoween prompt, created by Anna @ The Bursting Bookshelf. My memory can be good at times, but I can’t recall all the costumes I have ever wore. I am sure I only wore one or two bookish costumes in my entire life.
1. Any Harry Potter Costume
Of course this is #1! Every year, Harry Potter characters are often the inspiration for many costumes. They are cool, and you get a wand! I do not blame anyone who wants to dress up as any of the characters. It always seems like a fun idea. I once dressed up as Harry Potter as a kid, before I even read the books and seen most of the movies.

2. Where’s Waldo
Another costume I wore a couple of years ago. One of the simplest costumes, but everyone knows. I did get into character at random times and just hid to see if anyone could find me. They found me.

3. Shadowhunters
As the Shadowhunters TV show is sadly ending, I have to believe many people are dressing up as Shadowhunters this year. Even as the series are popular, I see a lot of people dressing up either way. Even the outfits the characters wears are extremely stylish.

4. Bookworm/fairy
Books. Enough Said.

5. Grisha Verse
I feel that due to the popularity of the series, a lot of people would be inspired to attempt making costumes based on characters. If I remember correctly, I saw someone dressed as a character somewhere on Twitter and looked super cool. Might as well include it in the list.
Are you planning on dressing up this Halloween? Will you go in a bookish costume? Tell us your answers by linking back to Anna’s post and on Twitter using #blogoween!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Bookish Costumes

  1. Nice list! I honestly wasn’t thinking of thoses. Giggled at Where’s waldo ahah!

    I havent dressed in a bookish character per say but when I was young I was only missing Harry’s lightning 😂 mom had me in the mushroom cut (or bowl cut? Wtv thats called.) and I had round glasses .. so yeah !

    Liked by 1 person

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