The Survivor

BLOGOWEENPLOGO2Could you survive a horror movie? I would like to think I could, but in actual reality, probably not. I definitely would be fighting to stay alive, but who would really know? What if it was a horror movie, but with your favorite characters? Who they be able to survive? Sam @ Fictionally Sam wonders about this today for her prompt for Blogoween. However, since I really don’t want to think about the terrible fates some characters have to go through, I am going to flip it and choose two or three characters who would survive instead.
1. Abby Williams from Bonfire.
Abby has solved her hometown’s mystery while reconnecting with old acquaintances. However, when she got close to the end of the mystery, the fight of her life came close. Abby has the strength to take on the bad guys and can use just about anything to defend herself.

2. Kady Grant from Illuminae.
Seriously, Kady has saved so many people and has survived those… people. If Kady can survive EVERYTHING she went through just to survive and outlast the enemies, I am sure can survive some horror movie. She is going to kick some…. behinds.
Who would you think survive a horror movie? Tell us in a response and linking back to Sam’s original post! As always, share on Twitter with #blogoween!

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