Which Spooky Creature Are You?

BLOGOWEENPLOGO2Which Spooky Creature Are You?

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts has created a quiz today to see which spooky creature you would be. However, at the time of writing, the quiz isn’t available yet, so I will be writing what I believe I will get. When the quiz comes out, I will take the quiz and then write about what I actually got as my 13th entry. Yes, my 13th entry! I have completed my level!
Before the Quiz:
Since I am assuming that the quiz will be based on typical creatures known for Halloween, I decided to focus only one those type of creatures. I am between one two creatures. The first would be a Warlock/Wizard. Witches are more known for Halloween than Warlocks and Wizards, but I would be a Wizard. I have always like magic and stories with unique magic systems.

If Witches/Warlocks/Wizards are not going to be a possible answer, I would think my result would be a Vampire. I am not sure why, but I do not think I could be anything else. Perhaps it would be cool to fly as a bat, but it would be sad that I wouldn’t be able to go out during the day. Let’s see if one of my choices are correct!
After the Quiz:
What did I get?

If you choose mainly Bs, you are a soul eater

You enjoy being alone most of the time and left alone to your own devices. Your mere presence intimidates those around you; they steer clear away from you, but you’re okay with that! The fewer the number of people getting close to you, the better off they, and you will be. You might seem emotionless to some, but you are full of thought and emotion – you don’t show it often.

I’m not sure if this is exactly me, but it is definitely interesting.

If you want to know which spooky character you are, don’t forget to go to Sophia’s post and take the quiz! After, share your results on Twitter with #blogoween and link back to her post!

6 thoughts on “Which Spooky Creature Are You?

  1. Oooh and now I had read this all wrong! I thought I would have to make a quiz and that’s what I did!!! Talk about being dumb LOL. Now I will go try Sophia’s LOL

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