Guest Post: Descendant of the Crane & Game of Thrones Crossover Casting!

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Can you believe it? Descendant of the Crane is almost here! In my excitement, I really wanted to do some super cool post to help support the book and to spread the word. I got this really cool idea to do. However, my only problem was that I could not do it myself. If you haven’t heard Descendant of the Crane has been compared to a “chinese Game of the Thrones.” I immediately wondered that if we took the characters from DOTC and compared them to the characters from GoT, who would their counterparts be? Since I never watched the show or read the series, Samantha from Tinted Prose Reviews has volunteered to do it as a guest post! Thank you Samantha! Now, who did Samantha choose as the counterparts? Let’s see and find out!

Descendant of the Crane by Joan He will be on shelves in just over a month, and I cannot wait to have more readers to talk to about this amazing book! A lot of people have compared Descendant to A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. I tend to have a hard time comparing YA Fantasy to Adult Fantasy in this way, but that’s not the case here! There are so many similar themes, and character archetypes that I think the comparison is completely warranted. Here are a few of the characters I really loved and their Game of Thrones counterparts.

Hesina – Sansa circa Book 5

hesina+character+cardSansa took a long time to grow on me, and though I had a fondness for Hesina almost immediately, they’re very similar. Hesina and Sansa both strive to meet the needs of their families and their kingdoms. Of course things get tricky when those needs run counter to each other, but they rise to meet the challenge. Anyone who feels a fondness for Sansa’s fortitude and inner strength will admire all the difficult things Hesina has to do throughout Descendant.

Silver iris – Melisandre

One of the first GoT characters I thought of for this post was Melisandre, the Red Priestess. Her Descendant counterpart is named Silver Iris, and you meet her very early in the book. Both of these characters share secret knowledge that changes the course of the story in very big ways.

Caiyan – Samwell Tarly


Caiyan is a very layered individual. As soon as you think you know him, he will do or say something to challenge your view of his actions. He is very observant and attentive toward his family. Despite the difficulties he faced in his past, he takes it upon himself to bear a lot of the emotional stress that Hesina has to bear throughout Descendant. He reminds me of Samwell Tarly because Sam also seems easy to figure out until you start to know about his passions and worldview.  

Xia Zhong – Lord Varys

Every kingdom has a Varys, the person who seems to know everything that happens in all the darkest and lightest corners of the realm. Xia Zhong is certainly that person in Descendant. I will leave it to you, dear reader, to riddle out his motives.

Akira – Tyrion Lannister


In my opinion, it isn’t Game of Thrones without Tyrion Lannister. He is probably my favorite character in the series, which immediately relates to Akira, as he is one of my favorite characters in Descendant. I wanted so much more from him, and I hope we will one day get it in some companion novels. Akira communicates through snark, wit, and occasionally board games. I think he and Tyrion would get along very well.

Lillian – Catelyn Stark (?)


I had an admittedly difficult time coming up with a GoT cast member to pair with Lillian. She is simply too happy! No one is GoT is as happy and ethereal as Lillian. I love her spirit and the support that she lends to Hesina and the rest of her family. In certain ways she does act like the mom of the group which is why I’ve paired her with Lady Stark. She cares a great deal for the well being of those around her. She tries to do little things to lift spirits and relieve tension.

Rou – Bran Stark

It’s really no surprise that I’ve loaded this list with Stark’s. I think they are the best family overall in Game of Thrones, and they also bring a lot of variety in terms of character archetypes. Rou is a royal child given some power he may or may not truly deserve. He has to make some big choices about how to wield his new position throughout Descendant. Bran Stark struggles with some of the same issues while learning about his 3 Eyed Raven abilities, and he could go on to save the whole dang world!

Sanjing – Robb Stark

sanjing+character+cardI think Sanjing is more like Robb than Robb is. Both are dangerously devoted to serving their people. Both are skilled in battle, and both have a kind heart when you dig down deep enough.

There are a lot of other characters and comparisons I wanted to include, but they will have to wait for the Fantasy Casting Spoiler Edition! Are you excited to see how these crossovers measure up? If you’ve read Descendant already, do you agree/disagree with any of my choices? I can’t wait to hold the finished copies and revisit all of the amazing characters Joan He created in this world.

Descendant of the Crane hits shelves on April 2nd. If you’re interested in more of my thoughts, you can read my full review, and don’t forget to check out the preorder campaign here: DoTC Preorder Campaign.

What do you think of the counterparts? As I have mentioned before, I know nothing about Game of Thrones but I think Samantha did a very good job! Be sure to check out and preorder Descendant of the Crane! It is very good and I do plan reading it again once I get my finished copy! If you have been debating about the book, I sure hope so this post convinced you!

Lastly, I just want to give another shout out to Samantha for helping out with this post! Be sure to check out her blog and Instagram! She has some pretty good posts! Thank you! (Check out her painted books as well!)

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