Childhood Reads: Sideways Stories from Wayside School


How many books can you remember from your childhood? I was thinking about some of the books I read from my childhood and tried to remember which ones I read. It has been a long, long time since I read these stories but obviously some I can still remember. The last time I recalled a favorite childhood read of mine, Magic Tree House, it was during November of 2018. I figured it was time to continue this little series once again. I really wanted to remember a book I read that I can bring a memory along with it. Then it hit me that there was one book I should mention.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Lois Sachar


When I was in 4th or 5th grade, the principle of my school started reading the stories from this book during our lunch breaks. She would read one story per lunch and everyone loved the stories she read from the book. This was her way to promote more reading throughout the school. When the principle was done reading a story, should would then hand a copy over to a chosen student for any reason. If it was good grades, good effort, good behavior, or a simple reward, a deserving student was chosen. One day, that student was me. I now had my own copy of the book everyone wanted. I was so happy. When I got home, I wrote my name on the inside cover so that the book was officially mine. However, there was one detail I somehow missed.

My principle was not handing out books for us to keep. Apparently, each student who was selected was supposed to read the book, finish it, and pass the book along to a friend. I somehow missed this crucial detail. When my classmates started to ask for the book, it was discovered that I wrote my name inside because I thought it was mine. Let’s just say my classmates were not happy. It was a simple, honest mistake and I ended up keeping the book anyways. Everyone soon forgot about it and the book ended up wherever it is now. It is always a funny thought to think there’s a book out there that (if still bound together) has your name written on it.

Do you know this book? Have you read it before? Have you ever accidentally kept a book that wasn’t meant for you to keep?


5 thoughts on “Childhood Reads: Sideways Stories from Wayside School

  1. I loved this series (and even the arithmetic workbooks!). The characters, the way the books were structured; it was all so much fun to read!
    I accidentally still have one book from my college days. I was doing research on an author and took out a book from a common library area in the English department (this was allowed because I was an English major). I never returned it but I keep telling myself I will one day! 😆

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