Graphic Novel Review #24 – Midas

Midas by Ryan North, Braden Lamb (Illustrator) & Shelli Paroline (Illustrator)
Rating: 3 Stars
Series:  Midas (The Midas Flesh Vol 1 & 2)
Length: 256 Pages
Purchase: [Amazon] | [Barnes & Noble]

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Dang, King Midas

We’ve all heard of the Midas Touch. You know, the Greek myth about the man who did a number on himself by wishing everything he touched to turn to gold? Well, you haven’t heard everything.

Joey and her space crew have decided to return to Earth–a planet completely sectioned off, abandoned, and covered in gold–to find out exactly what happened to this once thriving planet and see if they can use that knowledge against the evil empire that’s tracking them down. As luck would have it, they just landed the most powerful weapon in the universe: some ancient dead guy’s body.

The totally unpredictable first collection of Ryan North’s debut original print comic book series The Midas Touch, featuring art by illustration dynamos Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, will leave the reader reeling from start to gilded finish

We all know the story of Midas. The Greek Mythology of a King who turns everything into gold with a simple touch. However, if you tell the story of Midas and include a little but of sci-fi and space battles, it turns out to be a whole other story.

Midas wished that everything he touches could turn into gold. However, Midas got his wish, but not in the way he expected. Because of the wish, everything he touched and everything that person/item touched and so on turned into gold instead. In other words, the entire planet turned into gold, frozen in time.

I always love a retelling of any greek myths and Midas was no exception. Midas was an interesting story that actually works. I never thought a Greek Mythology would work so well with sci-fi and space elements. It just works. It is interesting, but I kept thinking that some scenes were longer than needed and can be summed up a bit shorter as well. The characters were great and included a dinosaur as well (cool).

At the end, something happened and I got a bit confused on what was going on. I think I understand it now, but I’m not totally sure at all either. I’m can only comprehend it to the best I can.

Midas is really a cool story and I would safely assume that if you like Greek Mythology and sci-fi and space, you would probably like Midas as well.

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