An Announcement….

It’s time for Announcement! 

If you haven’t noticed, I kind of been a bit quiet lately. I have been in some sort “blogging slump” and I haven’t found my way out of it yet. For now, I’m going to be in a some sort of semi-hiatus. I will not be doing most of usual 4/5 a week postings, but an occasional post will be posted every once in a while. There are some planned posts that I have to do for this month anyways.

For the time being, I am going to be mostly working behind the scenes and trying to work a few things out, change some things around, catch up on a few things, and even try some more planning.

I do not have any idea when the semi-hiatus will be over, but I do plan to be fully back by August as the month is the blog’s anniversary.

Until then, I’ll see you on Twitter!

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