To Track or Not To Track? – Progress While Reading


When it comes to keeping track of your reading’s progress, I am always on it. I put down what page I left on and figure out how many pages I read at the time. I have been doing this for seven years while using GoodReads. It was a steady and useful habit I had until October came around.

I had started a brand new book right when October started. The previous book I finished was right at the end of September. I forgot the change the status of the book to “Currently Reading,” but I figured I would just change it on a later date. I even forgot to change the status and mark down what page I was on before I left my weeklong trip. Ever since I my return, I still haven’t updated it.

On an average day on GoodReads, your update feeds is filled with updates from other users and friends. You see what books they want to read, finished reading, or their progress on a current read. It was the same way I have been using GoodReads. So why wasn’t I putting my progress? Why was I making this so different? Did this change how I was reading this book?

When I started thinking about it, I have come across of couple of realizations. When I keep track of progress, I would sometimes feel pressured to meet my goals. The goal was always 100 pages for 25% of the book, whatever came first. If I reached the goal, I would feel good. However, if I failed, I would then become annoyed with myself. Since I haven’t been keeping track of my progress this month, I found that I was a little bit more relaxed and didn’t really pay attention to the amount that I was reading. Whatever I read, that was it. I was just happy to be reading.

Then again, there pros and cons to both points. While I would sometimes feel pressured when I did keep track, I read books in pace that I enjoyed. It wasn’t a book a day, but it was still good progress. Enough progress that I would be satisfied with my reading. While I would be relaxed if I didn’t keep track, I found that I was taking a lot longer to read books. Since I was used to reading books in quicker pace, I found myself not enjoying the time I was taking to finish the book (even though the book itself was enjoyable). It really comes down to weighing the differences between the two options.

At the end of it, I think I prefer keeping track of my progress. I believe it is the better way for my to read the books I want to read. Although I guess I wouldn’t be opposed if I wanted to read another book without tracking the progress again.

Do you keep progress while reading a book? Or do you rather just to read without keep track of progress? If you done both, did you see a difference? Let me know!


14 thoughts on “To Track or Not To Track? – Progress While Reading

  1. I usually keep track of my reading but lately I’ve found GR to be a little intimidating because I too feel this pressure to beat the system and finish as much as I can. Like I can keep track when I’m 60% done reading and then stop because it’s too much lol. Then I just speed read to say I finished it. It’s a weird system!!

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  2. I tend to mark down when I started a particular book in my notes instead of good reads bc it’s less stressful that way. Though once I’m done with it I just add the dates on goodreads so everything could be documented in one place 🙂


  3. I tend to track start and finished and sometimes I update my progress. But I don’t actively do anything with that info other than to share what I’m reading at the moment. It’s an interesting point you made about the enjoyment we get from reading. Whether it be the pace were reading at or the book itself

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  4. I don’t use Goodreads in this way, I just use it to keep a record of the books that I’ve read. A while ago I used to use the ‘how many pages are left’ option on my e-reader, but then I stopped as I found I was concentrating on the numbers and not the story. I enjoy escaping into a book, so I’m not interested in keeping a tight control over how much I read.

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  5. Interesting post! I want to be one of those that tracks in-depth with spreadsheets and things so I can see stats at the end of the year, but I’m also really bad at writing anything down, so it never works for me! Maybe 2020 is the year I finally figure it out!

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