Book Review: Infinity Son

Infinity Son by Adam Silvera
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Series:  Infinity Cycle, #1
Length: 368 Pages
Purchase: [Amazon] | [Barnes & Noble]

Growing up in New York, brothers Emil and Brighton always idolized the Spell Walkers—a vigilante group sworn to rid the world of specters. While the Spell Walkers and other celestials are born with powers, specters take them, violently stealing the essence of endangered magical creatures.

Brighton wishes he had a power so he could join the fray. Emil just wants the fighting to stop. The cycle of violence has taken a toll, making it harder for anyone with a power to live peacefully and openly. In this climate of fear, a gang of specters has been growing bolder by the day.

Then, in a brawl after a protest, Emil manifests a power of his own—one that puts him right at the heart of the conflict and sets him up to be the heroic Spell Walker Brighton always wanted to be.

Brotherhood, love, and loyalty will be put to the test, and no one will escape the fight unscathed.

When I first heard Adam Silvera was going to do a fantasy series, I was ecstatic. I was really happy since I loved most of Silvera’s contemporary novels that I thought Silvera would do a really good job approaching fantasy. I just knew that I was going to enjoy whatever fantasy he wanted to tell.

Seeing the story involve Emil, who manifests phoenix like powers, I was excited as phoenixes just happens to be one of my favorite mythical creatures. Everything I thought about this was going to be good. I was excited to finally read it when it was released.

Even though Infinity Son is a fantasy, the writing still felt a little bit contemporary. I had no problem with it since I really enjoy Adam’s writing, but I thought with a different genre, the writing would be a bit different. It was like reading a fantasy, but within a contemporary novel, in which I didn’t mind at all. This was just something I noticed.

I liked the many properties and details of the phoenixes and mythical creatures Adam put into the story to make it feel unique. As someone who also loves phoenixes, I have never imaged there could so many kinds. It was really fun seeing and learning all the different ones that Adam put into the story.

Aside from world-building, magics, and creatures, I have realized that in this review, I would have to be a bit more critical that I anticipated for this book. I imagined I would go in and love every single piece, and there would have been no complaints at all. There was just something about the characters that felt off to me. Adam has always made lovable characters in his stories. In Infinity Son, the characters were less enjoyable than I imagined they would be. I don’t think it would be considered bad, just there was a ton that could have been improved on.

Even with development, the relationship between Ness and Emil could have been improved on as well. I always saw something in every main relationship Adam writes about in his stories, but the relationship between Emil and Ness felt lacking. I am really hoping that the character/relationship development in the next book gets a big upgrade. It would really benefit towards the story as a whole. As I said, I had to be more critical than I anticipated. I hated writing this down.

Last but not least, I thought I would never have been so annoyed with a character as much I have been with Emil. Emil has a good heart (for people and creatures), but it appears this has effected his decisions so much at several points of the story. Emil is such a good character, but the decisions he made were not as good. I didn’t think that in 2020, I would finally understand the pain of others who experienced this in dystopian novels back a decade ago.  I just hopes Emil learns from the decisions he made and just smartens up in the next book. There’s some learning to do.

At the end, I still enjoyed Infinity Sons for the most part and would love to see how this series moves on to the second book. I have big hopes for it, only because I want to be good. I know Adam can do it and have the next book be overall better. I love the idea of it all and I want it to succeed where as this fell below expectations.

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