All These Books And Buying More: 2021 Edition

Every reader knows of this problem. They even probably refer to it as THAT problem. No one has to mention it and everyone knows it immediately. I am speaking of the problem where one has simply to many books in their TBR pile but for some reason, they just keep buying more to add it to the pile. The pile simply never shrinks but only grow.

Last year, the one that shall not be named, my pile grew. I usually like to keep my TBR pile at 4 books the most. However, since I did very little reading, my buying habits soared past it and expanded the pile exactly four time its size. I am talking about 16 books. I have been looking at this pile wondering how I am going to overcome it with the intentions of reading each and every single book while having that thought every reader knows all too well: Buying more books.

Early last week, I was doing either reading or doing something entirely unrelated when an idea randomly came into my thoughts. What if I was to establish some sort of system with the ever-growing pile of books I have? What if I do read one, buy one or some sort version of it? I thought about wanting the ability to read through my books without adding more to into the pile.

In all, I have decided that my plan this year is when I finish reading at least two books, I will buy myself a new book. This way, I will be allowed to work on the the pile without it growing on me. I was able to do this last year with my kindle by swearing off ebooks, especially when books went to go on sale. I achieved that and now I am looking to do it again with the physical books as well. Who knows? Maybe this will motivate me to read more as well to buy these books? If I don’t, this pile is never going to downsize. Is this a good idea? I hope so.

Do you have plan when it comes to larger TBR piles? Have you done something like this before?

6 thoughts on “All These Books And Buying More: 2021 Edition

  1. My TBR pile is getting ridiculous. I promised myself that this year I would only buy a book if I REALLY wanted it, or pre-order books that I’ve been excited about for a few months. It helps that where I am bookstores are closed for in-person shopping so if I want a book I have to order online then do curbside pickup. Which actually helps curbs my impulse buys.


  2. I feel like the tbr list should be like spring cleaning, certain times of the year you just drop Everything else and focus on cleaning up that mess.. I dozens waiting to be read. It’s crazy.


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