Books & Tea

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Books and Tea Discord is an 18+ server and is one of the best servers dedicated to books and reading. The server is very friendly and the community is always fun. Monthly read-a-longs are always planned and there are even some fun events that are planned occasionally. There are book discussions and channels for a variety of bookish fandoms. Books and Tea also offers a community for bookish bloggers where they can feature their blogs and share their posts while supporting other bloggers. If you would like to join Books and Tea, all you have to do is click here!

If you need more information on this Discord server, Lauren, the owner of the server at Northern Plunder has typed up an excellent guide listing all the information you should know about the Discord server. If you’re already signed up or looking to join a server, just click the picture above and an invite will be prompted. Just accept and we’ll see you there! If you would like to support the discord and giveaways hosted by Lauren, click here.