New Bloggers

New Bloggers is a Discord Server that is created by Avalinah from Avalinah’s Books. The Discord Server is extremely dedicated to all Bookish Bloggers to give and offer help when it comes to blogging about books, related topics, and blogging in general. As you join the helpful community, you can share your blogs and your posts while supporting one another.

There are channels dedicated to blogging tip & tricks, bullet journaling, events, and BOOKS of course! Along with books, you can discuss about ARCs and keep track with Avalinah’s own State of the ARC Meme! Along with books, there are a few new channels dedicated to popular genres and releases.

If you have a bookish blog and would like to join this friendly and helpful community, all you have to do is contact Avalinah on her blog and/or twitter. Just ask kindly and Avalinah will be glad to offer you the invite!