Review Requests


Reviews Requests are now closed until further notice.

Review Requests

I would be very honored to receive and review books from Authors and Publishers. I am pretty much open to review anything, but here are my preferences:

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Contemporaries
  • Dystopians
  • Paranormal
  • Action/Adventure
  • YA Romance (Picky)

Here are a few topics that I love to see when incorporated into stories and will always have an interest in:

  • Mythology
  • Witches/Wizards
  • Magic
  • Ghosts
  • Art/Creativity
  • Superheroes/Super Powers
  • Telekinesis (Yes, this deserves its own bullet point.)
I am usually open to a variety of books. Even though I mainly read Young Adult novels, I also do read Middle Grade novels on occasion. I also read a few Comics/Graphic Novels from time to time as well, but it is just not as often as YA novels. However, there are a few genres where I am usually not interested in. These are those genres:
  • Erotica
  • True Crime
  • War and Military
  • Western
  • Non-Fiction


  • I reserve the right to decline any offers to review a book.
  • I do this on my own time and I am only one person, therefore I may be busy at times to review a book.
  • If the book is not yet published, it will get top priority. The book and review will be done as soon as possible and published within a given deadline, if given.
  • If I feel that a deadline is rushed, I may ask to extend it or I may decline. I rather to work on my own time and not try to finish by a deadline. If the deadline is at least 2 months and more ahead of time, I will accept the deadline without any problems. If the deadline is less than 1 month, I may have to think over it.
  • I must see a synopsis and/or GoodReads link to know more about the book.
  • I only accept books in ebook formats, as long as it is compatible with a Kindle Fire.
  • Do not send any books to me first, without contacting me before hand.
  • My reviews will be honest and respectful and I cannot guarantee a positive review and if I see anything wrong in the book, I will call it out on most cases.

What to Expect on My Reviews

  • Book Cover – I love to use book covers in my review. If a cover is not final or if you do not want me to use one, all you have to do is tell me. If you want me to use a specific cover, tell me as well.
  • Info – Author, Title, Page Length and Synopsis.
  • Links to GoodReads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, if applicable, or any other links you want to be provided.
  • The rating for the Book.
  • The thoughts and opinions on the Book in the Review.
  • If you would like anything additional to be added, just ask and I’ll see what I can do.


  • 5 Stars (★★★★★) – This book was beyond amazing and I loved it. Most likely a favorite. I would also highly recommend it.
  • 4 Stars (★★★★) -I enjoyed this book a lot. I would also recommend this book.
  • 3 Stars (★★★) – This book has possibly given me some mixed feelings and was ok. There may be some room for improvements as well. I may recommend this book.
  • 2 Stars (★★) – Although there were probably a few parts I liked, this book did not leave a lasting impression on me. I probably did not like most of it either.
  • 1 Star (★) – I did not like this book at all and did not enjoy it either. I probably will not even recommend the book. Books I do not finish typically receives this rating as well.

If you would like me to review your book(s), information to contact me is on the Contact Page.