Sorting Through Faves


Have you ever looked at your favorites shelf and realize that some of them are bringing you second thoughts? Perhaps you were thinking “it’s been a long time, do(es it still spark joy) I still consider this a favorite?” For a while now, I have been going back and forth with my favorites and determined to do something about it. Although maybe odd, I decided to redo my favorites shelf on GoodReads.

Well, I didn’t completely redo the shelf, I only created a new shelf and named it “favorites-lr.” It is a new shelf for lower ranked favorites. While there are plenty of books that total favorites, some books are no longer in that level. It happens. Overtime, thoughts and opinions on things change. I wanted to do something to reflect it. If you wanted an idea on what I did exactly, here are some of the books that I moved.

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The Sunday Post – Kondo’d


Welcome to The Sunday Post, which is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This is a chance to recap the previous week and announce anything for the upcoming week. You can talk about whatever you want in this post as well.

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End of the Year Top 10 Books! – 2018 Edition

EOTYIt’s that time of the year again! As the year come to a close, we take the time to reflect on all the books we’ve read and choose some of our best reads. Today, I am gathering a list of my Top 10 Reads this year. This list is made out of books I have read this year, regardless of when the books were published. Here are my Top 10 Books for 2018:

#1 –
Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

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Christmas Blog Tag!


Just Another Christmas Tag.

When I was researching Christmas Tag when I was making mine, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t repeating tags that were already made. As I was trying to narrow down my main theme (which eventually came down to Christmas Characters), I came across this tag and it actually looked like a nice, simple tag to do. However, I wasn’t able to find the original creator or any rules, just I guess I’ll just get right into it then?
(Note: I know this isn’t a book tag, but all I had was this book tag header…)


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The Befana Comes By the Night


Today’s prompt, brought to you by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic, is very interesting. Camilla uses Befana, an old lady who flies on a broom and leaves sweets for good children. This happens every January for Italian kids. However, for this prompt, we become Befana and we’re passing out books! I do have Italian heritage, so this one has caught my eye and I figured to do it as well.


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