One Lovely Blog Award!


It’s time for another award tag! I was nominated by the awesome Andreea at Cheeky Lines. Normally, I get these kinds of a tag post done as soon as possible, but it appears I took my time for this one. Anyways, onto the rules!

1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award;
2. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog;
3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself;
4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers that you admire and inform the nominees.

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The Book Blogger Insider Tag


I found this book tag on Avery’s blog, Red Rocket Panda and thought I should do it for myself.  It seems like a fun to way for everyone to get to know me as a blogger.

1. Answer the questions below
2. Credit the creator Jamie @ALittleSliceofJamie
3. Tag at least 5 people (Breaking this one, sorry!)
4. Have fun!
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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

sunshinebloggerawardThe Day’s Bright Today! I just got Nominated!

I would like to thank Sheila over at She’s Going Book Crazy for nominating me! You should check out her blog!

What is The Sunshine Blogger Award?
The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

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The Bedtime Tag!

It’s time for bed, but not before reading!

I saw this over at Layla’s blog at Readable Life and I wanted to give a try. It seems fun and simple to do!

The Questions:
Describe your usual bedtime routine.
I’ll usually get ready for bed and once everything’s done, I’ll get on my bed and read for about an hour or until I fall asleep.

 What are your favorite pajamas?
I really love soft pajamas but lately I have been favoring a pair of gray pajamas pants of some different material. They have been extremely comfortable.
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The Mystery Blogger Award!


Another Award? I’m flattered!

Lately, things have been turning up great for my blog here (other than my procrastination on creating and working on new posts…). I am very grateful that I was nominated by Cheeky Lines. This award also brings questions, answers, and even some tagging. Let’s get on with this!

The Rules:
Put the award logo/image on your blog.
List the rules.
Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. (Okoto Enigma).
Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
You have to nominate 10-20 people.
Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).
Share a link to your best post(s):
You can find my best posts on the right under “Top Posts.”
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Unique Blogger Award!


OMG WHAT? Thanks!

Ever since I started blogging during July 2016, I have silently hoped to be recognized in some way (in simpler terms, I wanted one these super-duper cool awards). Now, about a year and half later, two blog rebrands, and moving locations twice, I finally get one! It’s been a long way, but I am finally settling in what my blog should truly be.

I was nominated by Nandini from Unputdownable Books for the award. Thank you so much! Based on what I have seen, Nandini loves fantasy and young adult books, just like I do. I can already tell that Nandini is a super-cool person. Check out her blog!

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Halloween Creatures Book Tag!


Happy Halloween!

It’s finally close enough to Halloween and I had an idea! I wanted to create a book tag or meme for some time. When I looked around, I have noticed a “Monster Mash” book tag, but I did not find a book tag dedicated to the iconic Halloween Creatures. Therefore, I took it upon myself to create one! Let’s begin the book tag! I will also be doing the book tag myself to give an example.

*Follow the Categories
*You Must Be Honest
*You Must Answer All Questions to the Best of Your Ability
*You Must Tag At Least 3 People
*Have Fun!
*Credit Would be Greatly Appreciated!

A Book or Character that is Magical.
The Witch and Wizard series is magical. It deals with siblings who find out they have magical abilities when their parents are captured in a dystopian where almost everything is banned.

A Book or Character You Can’t Wrap Your Mind Around.
A Court of Thorns and Roses. I could never understand what was going on with the story. It was so confusing for me that I had stop and DNF the book. It was the only way I could keep myself sane.

A Book, Series, or Author You Can’t Live Without.
Lisa McMann! She’s my favorite author and whenever is new book is coming out, I am sure to pre-order. I have loved all her books so far!

A Book Best Reading at the Middle of the Night.
I would say either Bird Box, a world that seeing could cause you go blind, or Anna Dressed in Blood, a series about a boy Ghost Hunter that is surprisingly spared from a murderous ghost. Bird Box was absolutely thrilling and Anna Dressed in Blood was one of the best series I have ever read.

A Book You Picked Up for the 2nd Time or Continued after DNFing it.
I have never reread a book, although I plan to when I stop buying books (which is never…). However, I can say Passenger. I originally DNF’d it, then picked up again in order to see if I missed anything good.

A Character You Saw Right Through or a Book You Easily Predicted a Twist or the Ending.
Although I’d hate to list this book, but Dead to You by Lisa McMann. The story involves a boy who was missing for 9 years. I did enjoy the story, but I did get a feeling how the story was going to end with a twist involved. As I got the end, I turned out I was right. This however, was not bad for me!

A Book that Truly Shocked You.
A book that truly shocked me was Warcross. Towards the end, a twist came that truly shocked me. Some may of said it was expected, but I was lead far away from it. I was not expecting it. It was a change of character, and truly changed the story completely.

A Book or Character that Chilled You to the Bone or got your Funny Bone.
(Expressions meaning being scared, or finding something really funny.)
In this section for Skeleton, I’ll be choosing something funny. I would have to choose Apollo from The Trials of Apollo. Apollo is one of the most funny characters I have ever seen. I think I have laughed more in this book than in other book I have read.

A Book that Left You Hungry or a Recipe You Want to Try from a Book.
Butterbeer! Yes, that Butterbeer from Harry Potter! It seems that I can’t think of any other book that made me hungry or a recipe I wanted to try from a story. The only thing I could think of is Butterbeer. I will try it one day!

A Greedy Character or a Character that Loves Gold and Jewelry.
I may be wrong on the Gold and Jewelry part, but I am listing Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles for this. It always felt that she was very greedy for power and the title and has done imaginable things for it. One her reign was threatened, she became very greedy to stand her ground, trying many things to get what she wants. Although, I do very believe that Queen Levana would absolutely love Jewelry due to her character.

A Dark, Evil Character.
Dani from Mermaids of Eriana Kwai. Anyone that has read the series knows what I am talk about it. She has done imaginable things and always gave off bad, evil vibes. She always seemed like a bad character.

Grim Reaper
A Character You Loved or Hated that Died
Rue from The Hunger Games. The one character that I cried on the inside. It was probably expected due to the nature of the game, but when it happened, it was so sad. There are many other characters I could list, but Rue will always be on top.

A Book or Character that Scares You.
Recently, Katharine from One Dark Throne scared me. Ever since her character changed, it was scary how she did everything and how ruthless she became. I would not even want to be in the same room as her.

The Monster Mash
Tag Your Friends to Join!
I tag..
Lauren @ Northern Plunder
Jenny @ Tecsielity
Cat @ Catshelf
Emily @ Tea with Mermaids
And Anyone Else that Wishes to Join!

It’s Finally Fall Book Tag!


It’s Finally Fall!

It is my favorite time of the year, Fall! As the leaves turn into many colors, temperature getting cooler, I am excited for this season (and getting more hot chocolate (no, I don’t do that pumpkin latte stuff))! Anyhow, Tea with Mermaids tagged me again with the It’s Finally Fall! (ok fine, I asked to be tagged, but still) Shoutout to Tall Tales for creating the tag.

In fall, the air is crisp and clear: name a book with a vivid setting
I first thought of Warcross by Marie Lu. The descriptions Lu gives based on the world and in-game were amazing. It was nice to imagine how the world looked with a new look based on the technology from the game.

Nature is beautiful… but also dying: name a book that is beautifully written, but also deals with a heavy topic like loss or grief
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Fall is back to school season: share a non-fiction book that taught you something new
I haven’t read any non-fiction books. I have like one or two on my list I believe.

In order to keep warm, it’s good to spend some time with the people we love: name a fictional family/household/friend-group that you’d like to be a part of
So many to choose from! Any group of people from Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, or the people from the land of Artimé from The Unwanteds. I would even love to get to know Starr’s family from The Hate U Give.

The colourful leaves are piling up on the ground: show us a pile of fall-colored spines
FallBookTagI gathered books based on colors leaves could change into and added Annabelle on top for a Halloween touch.

Fall is the perfect time for some storytelling by the fireside: share a book wherein somebody is telling a story
I guess I could say Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. There are a few times where someone tells a story, or seem like they’re telling a story. I am still reading the book, so I will see how it ends.

The nights are getting darker: share a dark, creepy read
Bird Box by Josh Malerman. It is like the only true creepy read I have read so far. I do not read much into creepy books.

The days are getting colder: name a short, heartwarming read that could warm up somebody’s cold and rainy day
I actually haven’t read any short reads either?

Fall returns every year: name an old favourite that you’d like to return to soon
I actually have been thinking of rereading the Divergent series lately. I’m just to busy reading all my other books first so I’ll probably never get to it. Oh well.

Fall is the perfect time for cozy reading nights: share your favourite cozy reading “accessories”
A good comfy bed or chair is good enough for me. I wouldn’t mind a good blanket either or a good, warm hot chocolate. As long as I’m comfortable, I am good.

The Mr. Men & Little Miss Character Tag!



I HAVE BEEN TAGGED!  I was tagged by NorthernPlunder so long ago and I recently remembered it. Oh well. The best part is that this tag looks very simple and fun to do. Also, shout-out to Charlotte @ Wonderfully Bookish for creating the tag. These characters look familiar and I still don’t know who they are. -shrug-

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