The Befana Comes By the Night


Today’s prompt, brought to you by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic, is very interesting. Camilla uses Befana, an old lady who flies on a broom and leaves sweets for good children. This happens every January for Italian kids. However, for this prompt, we become Befana and we’re passing out books! I do have Italian heritage, so this one has caught my eye and I figured to do it as well.


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Christmas Cover Hunt


Christmas is filled with many colors. Red and green are often associated Christmas the most. Silver and gold are also some others colors associated as well. Today, Julia @ Fable Hunter is asking everyone to share covers with the colors mentioned and I have a lot to show for it!


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2019 Releases!


Hello everyone! Today’s prompt by Imogen @ Imogen’s Typewriter is all about books you’re excited for that are released in 2019. I just checked my list and apparently I have been adding a lot more books that usual. It was tough narrowing it down to a small group. Here are some of the releases I am excited for!


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It’s a Winter Wonderland!

3Walking in a Winter Wonderland….

One day, you wake up when your alarm goes off. You get out of bed and stretch while yawning. Then, you go to your window to look outside because you heard there was going to be a snowstorm during the night before. When you see the snow has completely covered everything, you realize the day has become a Winter Wonderland. You check with school/work and find that the day has been cancelled and you get to stay home! While in celebration, your mind is already going through plans for the day.

Now that the white scenery is in your mind, what were your plans? What are you going to do? Stay inside, or embrace the snow? Tell us what a day in your Winter Wonderland looks like!


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Dear Santa…

3I’ve been good this year and all I want for Christmas this year are books….

Every year for Christmas, it is almost a tradition for Children around the world to write Letters for Santa or a Christmas List to send to the North Pole. They promise Santa that they been a good child this year and share what they would like to find in their presents underneath their Christmas Tree. Today, we are all writing that letter, asking for books! You can write out an actual letter, or just simply state which books you are hoping to receive this year.


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Christmas Characters Tag!

Happy Holidays everyone!
  One of my many goals as a book blogger was to make my own tag for the Holidays. I also wanted this tag to be available for everyone as this time of the year is a time for everyone to get together. I thought there was no better time other than today to bring everyone this tag I have been thinking of for a long, long time.


As always, I will be doing the tag myself to provide examples for each prompt. (I promise these are easy!) A blank template has also been provided at the end of the post for your convenience. Although all these prompts are about Holiday Traditions & Memories, if you have the opportunity put in something book related, feel free to do so!


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