Top 5 Friendly Halloween Movies


Here we are again! Another Blogoween post! This is only my 10th entry to the event and I only need 3 more entries to complete my level! Anyways, today is Anna’s (@ The Bursting Bookshelf) turn to host Blogoween and her prompt today is your favorite Halloween movies that are not horror related. This one seems like an easy prompt to do, so why not do it? After all, most of the Halloween movies I watched are not even horror related.
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BLOGOWEENPLOGO2Welcome to Jamsu’s first day hosting Blogoween! Jamsu blogs over at Jamsu Dreams and her prompt for today is all about characters you would want to dress up as for Halloween. However, I decided to pull a twist on today’s prompt, inspired by the prompt title. What if the prompt was all about a creature I could shapeshift into, rather than a dressing up as a character? What creature would I want to shapeshift, even if it would just be for one night?
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Best Paranormal Movies

BLOGOWEENPLOGO2It’s the 13th Day of Blogoween! If you have signed up for Level One and have participated on all of the days so far, congratulations, you have completed the level! If not, there is still plenty of time left to focus on more post. This is only my 8th entry, and all my posts I am doing are scattered throughout the entire month.

Today, Lauren has another prompt out at Northern Plunder where she discusses the movies she has seen during her 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days challenge. As I do not really watch horror movies, I decided to use today’s prompt to discuss my all-time favorite horror-related franchise: The Conjuring!
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Exploring & Recommending Monsters – Ghosts

BLOGOWEENPLOGO2We are almost halfway through Blogoween! How have you been doing on the event so far? As we continue on the 12th day of Blogoween, Lauren @ Northern Plunder has created today’s prompt to be about exploring and recommending your favorite creatures. Lauren has chosen vampires for her topic. However, as vampires are not my favorite, I am choosing to talk about ghosts for my 7th entry! Boo!
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Local & Personal Supernatural Stories


Hello everyone! Welcome to the 10th Day of Blogoween and my 6th entry to the event! Today’s prompt. created by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic, is all about local supernatural stories in your area and even your own personal experience that you think deserves their own novel. Luckily for you, I am sharing two stories with you today! The first will be a local story and the second will be a personal experience I had. It’s time to get spooky!
Local Story: (tw, murder, hanging)
A few miles from my home, there is a street that held a nunnery. While the nunnery was active, many tragedies has occurred. The first of many tragedies occurred was that several nuns have been accused of witchcraft and hanged without trial. The house where they practiced their witchcraft began to sink slowly into the earth. Later, during a late night, an inmate from an insane asylum (there’s none around here that I know of) escaped and broke into the the nunnery where many has been killed.

Sometime later during one day, a nun who was walking down the street near the nunnery was struck by a moving vehicle. It is said that the nun flung face first into the same tree where nuns were hanged years before. It is said that if you find the tree, it will bear the markings of the nun’s face who hit the tree face first.
Personal Experience:
When I was just a child, my family moved into our new home. As one may have experienced, the first couple of nights in a new house can be restless. On the second night, I woke up in the middle of night and found my door was open as my parents normally left doors open during the night. When I looked down the hall, I saw my sister standing against the wall outside her room looking down, with her hair covering her face. I did not know what was wrong, so I jumped out of bed and walked to her. When I got up to her, I said her name and and she looked up. As she looked up, she vanished from thin air and completely disappeared. I never even saw her face. Since not believing in what I just witnessed, I peeked into my sister’s room only to find her sleeping soundly and peacefully. As I recounted what happened during the morning of to my parents, my sister walked in to mention that on the first night, she saw someone similar standing next to the end of her bed. We never have seen the girl again after that.
Spooky, isn’t it? I hope I didn’t scare you to much or send chills down your spine. While I don’t believe that my personal experience is enough for its own novel, perhaps the story of the nuns and the house could be warped into some interesting novel, but it would need a lot of additional details. If you have a spooky local supernatural story or a personal experience that you’re not afraid to share, link back to Camilla’s post and share your answers on Twitter with #blogoween!

Who’s In My Zombie Squad?


Zombies! Zombies are everywhere and it is now a Zombie Apocalypse! As your trying to survive, your favorite characters have come to help! On the 7th Day of Blogoween, today’s prompt, also created by Kaleena, is about your top five characters that you would want to help you survive a zombie apocalypse. Before I continue, I did more of a top 5 groups instead of individuals because in a zombie apocalypse, the more alliances you have, the better chances of your survival.
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Top 5 Books About Witches


Hello everyone! Today is Day 4 of the Blogoween event and it is now Kaleena’s turn to host over at Reader Voracious! She chose today’s prompt to be about the top five books about witches. As a reader who loves stories about witches, I knew that I would have to do today’s prompt. Here is my fourth entry to the event, out of a planned thirteen entries.

Before I show my top five books about witches, please know that I may have stretched the prompt a little to include one or two books in the list. Anyways, let’s see what are my top five books about witches are!
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Trick or Treat!


Trick or Treat! 

It is now my third and final day of my turn hosting Blogoween. This has been so much fun and I hope everyone had a blast doing the first few prompts I have made for this spectacular event. I loved making them and doing them for myself. Now that it is my last day hosting, I do have one final prompt to share. As you already probably know, it has to do with Trick or Treating! Even though Halloween isn’t until the end of the month, who says we can’t do it now? If you need a reminder, here is the prompt in which I shared a couple weeks ago:

Trick or Treat!
Everyone gets to go Trick or Treating again, but now it is now completely book related! Who is in your Trick or Treating group? Where would you like to go Trick or Treating? What places would have the best treats? What did you dress up as? It is a full moon tonight, and the possibilities are endless! How bookish does your spooky night really end up?
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Favorite Halloween/Autumn Colored Covers!


Welcome to the 2nd Day of Blogoween! I have decided that my second prompt for this event is going to be just showing off your favorite Halloween and Autumn colored covers. In this prompt, you can gather your favorite covers with Halloween and Autumn colors. Colors acceptable are Orange, Black, Yellow, Red, and Brown. You can use books from your bookshelf, or even images provided online and share in a post. If you use your own books, you can take a photo and share with a post. Props are optional and completely encouraged. All photos created for this prompt can even be shared on Instragram and Twitter with #Blogoween!
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Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 10.17.49 PM

Happy Halloween!

It is finally October again and after the success of my first original book tag, Halloween Creatures, I am releasing a 2.0 version of it! This version will have new creatures, better prompts, and more fun! After seeing so many bloggers use the tag last year, I saw how much fun everyone had, but also the troubles and confusion the tag originally had. Hopefully with this 2.0 version, the troubles and confusion will be no more. Instead, it will be all about having some spooky fun! Also, thanks to Sam for the Mummy Prompt!


  • Answer all prompts.
  • Answer honestly.
  • Tag 1-13 people.
  • Link back to this post. 
  • Remember to credit the creator. (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)
  • Have fun!

I will be doing this tag myself to show examples and to count it towards my own Blogoween count. I have provided a blank template of the prompts at the end of this post for easy copying and pasting. As a reminder,  all prompts from Halloween Creatures Tag 1.0 are not allowed on this tag, and vice versa. All prompts stay on their respective versions!

If you are participating in this tag for Blogoween, don’t forget to share your answers on Twitter with #blogoween!

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