Jar Select – When We Wake

Well, You Think I Should Have Done One of These By Now….

It was over a year ago when I first announced a new topic that would I feature on the blog called Jar Select. After I announced the new feature, not a single post of Jar Select happened. I finally recalled it when looking for new posts to do and better late than never, the first edition of Jar Select is here!

As a reminder, Jar Select is a feature when I reach into my TBR Jar and pull out a random book where the book becomes the topic of the discussion. I’ll discuss my thoughts about the book, why I wanted it read it and about anything that comes to mind while discussing it.

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The TBR Jar: Update & Something New


It is Update Time!

Over a year ago, I posted that I had made a TBR Jar to help with me with my never-ending TBR pile that was mostly in my Kindle. Now that it has been some time, I wondered how much the jar helped tackle that pile we’re all guilty of making. So, did the jar really help?

Do I still have a TBR Pile? Yes. Am I guilty of adding more books to the pile, therefore the jar? Yes. Again I ask, did the jar really help? Definitely. Unfortunately, I never had the thought to keep track of what was being put in and put out and all the details. However, I  have read a whole lot more books than I would have than I would have imagined reading. I would have never been able to choose which book I would like to read and the jar was a huge help with that.

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