I’m Joining The Pondathon!

Pondathon: The Quiet Pond's story-driven readathon. Image: Two swords with vines wrapped around it frame the words 'Pondathon', with three little forest sprites sitting on top. One forest sprite has a leaf on its head, the middle has twigs for horns, and the right has a mushroom on its head.

I wasn’t really planning on joining the Pondathon, but after seeing everyone joining and designing a completely adorable character, I decided to join after all. The Pondathon is a readathon that I know that I can do and it seems to be a lot of fun to do as well! Not to mention, there’s a whole community doing it! It is going to be fun doing this with a lot of friends and following along the story of the Pondathon as it goes on.

Note: All art on this post is from CW, who is hosting this awesome readathon!

What is the Pondathon?

The Pondathon is a co-operative and story-driven readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of the Pondathon is to read books and collect points to protect the friends over at The Quiet Pond from the encroaching malevolent forces that threaten our friends in the forest.

Have fun participating in the Pondathon readathon by joining one of five teams, each with a unique way to collect points and signing up! You can also follow the story of the Pondathon as it unfolds, and participants can also complete ‘side quests’ during the readathon to collect extra points. The readathon takes place from January 24th 2020 to March 7th 2020. More information about the readathon can be found here.
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To Track or Not To Track? – Progress While Reading


When it comes to keeping track of your reading’s progress, I am always on it. I put down what page I left on and figure out how many pages I read at the time. I have been doing this for seven years while using GoodReads. It was a steady and useful habit I had until October came around.

I had started a brand new book right when October started. The previous book I finished was right at the end of September. I forgot the change the status of the book to “Currently Reading,” but I figured I would just change it on a later date. I even forgot to change the status and mark down what page I was on before I left my weeklong trip. Ever since I my return, I still haven’t updated it.

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The Bloggers in the Attic: Reading Slumps


The Bloggers in the Attic is a bi-monthly discussion chain created by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic where a group bloggers take turns discussing a chosen topic throughout a month. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to contact Camilla to join!

June’s Theme

This month’s theme is the one thing all readers hate; reading slumps. We all hate them.

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2019 Releases!


Hello everyone! Today’s prompt by Imogen @ Imogen’s Typewriter is all about books you’re excited for that are released in 2019. I just checked my list and apparently I have been adding a lot more books that usual. It was tough narrowing it down to a small group. Here are some of the releases I am excited for!


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Favorite Childhood Reads: Magic Tree House


Do you remember any books that were your favorite from your childhood?

One thing everyone remembers doing from the childhood is learning to read and reading assignment. Some of us even loved reading as children and read as many books as they could and even have their favorites. One of my favorite series I read as a child were the Magic Tree House series.

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Blogger Confessions Book Tag!


I Have Been Tagged To Confess!

It is nothing serious though, it is only a tag! I have been tagged by Laurie over at Laurie’s Bookshelf to do the tag. During this tag, you must confess and tell the truth. There shall be no lying!

The Rules:
1. Answer the questions truthfully.
2. Tag five book bloggers to answer these questions next.

Which book did you most recently DNF?
The last book I had to DNF was Sanctuary by Caryn Lix. I really didn’t want want to, but I had to DNF due to time and losing interest. However, I am open to giving it another try in the future if I get another copy.

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How I Can Keep My Focus: Lofi Hip Hop


Sometimes when I read, I find myself distracted or not even paying attention as well I should be. I can be reading, but my thoughts or elsewhere or I am not just comprehending what I am reading well enough. Readers have their ways that can help them stay focused while reading. While some tricks works for some, some tricks won’t work for others.

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