Shelf Shakeup #2


It has been a while since I looked through my shelves on GoodReads and moved books around depending on whether if I was still interested in reading them or not. Since it’s now February, I figured I’d do it again since a lot of books has been added and updated. The last time I looked around my shelves was April of last year, so it has almost been a year. Let’s see what changes have been made to my shelves.

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Sorting Through Faves


Have you ever looked at your favorites shelf and realize that some of them are bringing you second thoughts? Perhaps you were thinking “it’s been a long time, do(es it still spark joy) I still consider this a favorite?” For a while now, I have been going back and forth with my favorites and determined to do something about it. Although maybe odd, I decided to redo my favorites shelf on GoodReads.

Well, I didn’t completely redo the shelf, I only created a new shelf and named it “favorites-lr.” It is a new shelf for lower ranked favorites. While there are plenty of books that total favorites, some books are no longer in that level. It happens. Overtime, thoughts and opinions on things change. I wanted to do something to reflect it. If you wanted an idea on what I did exactly, here are some of the books that I moved.

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Favorite Childhood Reads: Magic Tree House


Do you remember any books that were your favorite from your childhood?

One thing everyone remembers doing from the childhood is learning to read and reading assignment. Some of us even loved reading as children and read as many books as they could and even have their favorites. One of my favorite series I read as a child were the Magic Tree House series.

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