What is Discord?

Discord is an online application that is similar to Skype and TeamSpeak. The program features online communities and is simple and easy to use. You can join servers based on a variety of topics based on your interest. The best part is you get to talk among many people who shares the same interests as you!

Obviously, there are many uses for Discord. The most common type of servers are those dedicated to many kinds of popular online gaming. However, did you know that Discord also features servers dedicated to other things? There are servers for just about anything including BOOKS! Discord is free to download and fun to use. There shouldn’t be any worries signing up to meet new people. They may even be your future friends!

Although Discord is fun for every age, children should definitely ask permission from a parent and/or legal guardian. Parents, refer to this Parent’s Guide to Discord for more information about Discord.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Discord. This page was simply created to offer information for the Bookish Discords featured on this blog.